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In terms of the main agricultural production and economic indicators the district (unsubsidized) is one of the leading districts in the Republic of Belarus, accounting for 20% of the agricultural output in Grodno Oblast. The local agriculture industry is represented by 13 agricultural cooperatives, Grodno Vegetable Factory, Porechanka branch of the Grodno Meat-Packing Plant, Grodno Poultry Factory and the Skidelsky company.
The above-mentioned companies have 97,000 hectares of farmland, including 73,000 hectares of plough land (an average of 5,700 hectares of farmland and 4,300 hectares of plough per agricultural company).
The main agricultural sectors are meat and dairy production, cattle and poultry breeding, cultivation of grain, sugar beet, coleseed, potato and vegetables. Meat accounts for 40% of the commodity composition, milk 18.6%, sugar beet 8.8% and grain 8.1%.
The region has a high production potential. Gross agricultural output accounts for nearly 20% in the oblast.