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Administrative-territorial division. Population.

Grodno District is located in the northwest of Grodno Oblast, covers an area of 2,600 sq. km. It borders on the Republic of Poland (68km border) and the Republic of Lithuania (border length 32.8 km).
The district is one of the largest administrative-territorial entities in Grodno Oblast, has 360 settlements, including the town of Skidel and the township of Sopotskino. The district includes the Skidel town council and Sopotskino township council and 12 rural councils. As of 1 January 2012 the population of the district was 51,200 (11,700 of urban population, and 39,500 rural dwellers; 10,600 in the town of Skidel and 1,100 in the township of Sopotskino). 
The district is home to representatives of 42 ethnicities.  Belarusians account for 56% of the 54,500-strong population, Poles - 34%, Russians -7.8%, other ethnicities -2.2%.