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Geography (Nature)

Grodno District is located in the area of the Belarusian river Neman. Thanks to a very versatile history of geological development it is rich in geological legacy. The Neman Lowland occupies the larger part of the district, with the Grodno Upland in the west and 75% of the territory at 100-170 meters above the sea level. Over 30% of the area is occupied by forests, mostly in the north and northeast parts. There are 99 rivers and rivulets in the district, the largest ones are the Kotra, Svisloch, Lososyanka, and Chernaya Gancha. There are dozens of lakes, the largest ones are Beloye, Rybnitsa, Kan, Verovskoye, and Molochnoye.
The highest point in Grodno District is 247.1 meters above the sea level. It is close to the village of Bychki, Koptevka Rural Council.
The lowest point of Belarus is 80 meters below the sea level and is located near the village of Privalka, Gozha Rural Council.
Paleontological natural landmarks are worth mentioning. There are more of them here than in other districts and oblasts of Belarus.
In the district there is the state landscape reserve Ozyory that boasts a population of European bisons and many other protected animals and plants. There are also ancient parks in the district (the villages of Belye Bolota, Skidel) and the palace and park complex Svyatsk as well as a multitude of natural landmarks.
The district’s flora and fauna is very versatile. The majority of animals and birds of the temperate zone can be found in Grodno District forests. Habitats of the species in the Red Book of Endangered Species of Belarus have been registered in the district, including badger, gray crane, black stork, lynx, Siberian gray owl, little tern, smooth snake, ordinary kingfisher, and green woodpecker. You can also find Red Book flora species there such as genuine lady's slipper, big naias, fir clublike, whortleberry willow, martagon lily, beefsteak fungus, moss fern, and meadow pasqueflower.