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Local Sights

The district has a rich and varied cultural heritage. A large part of the historical and cultural sights are under the protection of the state. They are on the list of historical and cultural values of the Republic of Belarus. Of them 12 are historical sites, 58 – archaeology sites, 16 architecture specimens and the Augustow Canal, a unique specimen of hydraulic engineering of the 19th century.
Among the most prominent monuments on the outskirts of Grodno is the Palace and Park Complex in Svyatsk, which was created in 1779 by Italian architect Juseppe Sacco. Amazing beauty, unique dendrological composition, Baroque style, and compositional solutions make the park a kind of an autograph left by the past generations.
In this same location, among forests, rivers and lakes there lies “a masterpiece of man’s and nature’s efforts" – the Augustow Canal. Among the installations on the Belarusian part of the Augustow Canal there are the navigable three-chambered navigation lock Nemnovo, the one-chamber locks Dombrovka and Kuzhinets and the border regulator lock Volkushik, house of wardens for the workers who served the locks, watersheds and drawbridges built at the turn of the 19th -20th centuries in the style of industrial architecture aka brick architecture.
Today the canal is actively used by water tourism enthusiasts thanks to the Belarusian-Polish agreement and vessels pass through the locks. Soon marinas, ports, campsites, and hotels will be built here. The canal itself leaves an unforgettable impression. If you see it once you will not forget it. It mesmerizes. It is fabulous, somewhat surreal, almost a ghostly vision of the past.
The other local sights include the wooden Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (first half of the 18th century) in the village of Odelsk, Holy Transfiguration Church (1844-1846) in the village of Komatovo, St. Nicholas Church (1862) in the village of Lasha, Holy Transfiguration Church (1899) in the village of Selivanovtsy.
The Palace and Park Complex Ponemun, the manor house of the Gurskikh in, Radzivilkakh, the manor house in Svisloch, the estate of Countess Sabolevskaya in Belye Bolota are the living witnesses to the vibrant social and cultural life of our district in the past.
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